Cloud blackouts cost millions… Avoid common mistakes

Cloud blackouts cost millions… Avoid common mistakes.

Recently some major cloud application and data store providers suffered black outs and down times that disrupted or crippled operations for their customers.

Just this past few days and weeks some major cloud suppliers, like Apple’s iCloud suffered major blackouts affecting as many as 3 million users.  Separate Cloud outages also brought a number of web sites down, including such high-profile services as Foursquare, Reddit, and Quora.

Don’t be fooled this is an isolated occurrence as Cloud giant Amazon also had a blackout recently causing a loss estimated to be $4.2 million dollars.* (reported by The Puget Sound Business Journal).

Q.   Can your business lose this kind of revenue? 

A.   In business today, no one can lose revenue due to down time.

Q.  Can your business stand to be down for a one hour, a day or a week without your data? 

A.   Most businesses could not be more than a few minutes without access to data  or efficiencies would be compromised.

When cloud-enabling data, knowing who is storing, protecting or providing support when you have problems accessing YOUR companies data  should be more important than how much it costs to store this data.  Too frequently businesses turn to free consumer products which are not designed to back up, version data or even offer support if you’re having  problems access your data.

Taking unnecessary risk exposing your business to loss of information and revenue should be your primary concern.  Slick Cyber Systems can provide your business with powerful tools, support and products to ensure your data is stored and accessible via the cloud while minimizing risk.

SlickBox, which is a cloud enabled service from Slick Cyber Systems, allows users to access files when on a computer via mapping a drive, through a web browser, mobile phone, and/or tablet.  For more information about Slick Box click here or call 1-888-850-8882.

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Cloud black-outs cost millions… Avoid common mistakes.


Q: What are Slick Cyber Systems rates?
A: Rates are a much misunderstood term. Rates should not be your primary concern in obtaining service; overall costs should be. Make sure you are hiring a reputable organization that can get the job done on (or before) time and on budget. We have helped many organizations save money by having them switch to us from the so called ‘bargain guys’. Even though their rates are cheap, it took them an inordinate amount of time to do the job and/or the company faced down time because of their inability to do the job right the first time. We will provide the best value in the end and lower your overall IT cost of ownership, guaranteed.


Q: What size companies do you service?
A: We can take care of companies as small as two or three users (computers) and companies as large as several thousand users. No job is too small or too large.


Q: Should we outsource our IT staff?
A: We can almost guarantee we will save you money and provide you with service that is unmatched. Just imagine not having to deal with sick days, vacation pay, employees with no customer service skills, etc. With Slick Systems, you will ‘feel’ like you have a dedicated staff. We have the ability to remotely control systems and take care of just about any issue within hours or even minutes, not days. Our state of the art Helpdesk is also available to you (to view your open and closed tickets) at no additional charge as well. Give us the opportunity to service your IT needs, you’ll never go back.


Q: What geographic area do you cover?
A: We are centrally located to all of the major NE PA areas. We cover, the Scranton-Wilkes Barre area, Lehigh Valley, Pocono’s, Stroudsburg, Berwick, Williamsport, and surrounding areas. Give us a call to see how we can help you.


Q: Do you charge for after hours upgrades / installs?
A: We bill for the same amount for upgrades and installs regardless of the time it is performed. Most upgrades happen over a weekend so as not to negatively impact business. Why should you have to pay extra for that? Our competitors think you should. We don’t.


Regional Account Manager Northeast Pennsylvania

About Slick Systems, LLC
Slick Systems, LLC is a business to business Information Technology outsourcing, consulting, sales, and service company located in beautiful Northeast Pennsylvania. Slick Systems, LLC has been serving businesses since 2002, providing quality Information Technology products and services to businesses of all sizes. We have the expertise to reduce your IT costs and risk regardless of your business size. We understand business, not just technology.

Slick Systems, LLC passion is customer satisfaction. Knowing it will be done right the first time. It gives any business owner or executive piece of mind knowing their businesses’ information technology is in the hands of IT professionals, not geeks. We don’t dilute ourselves in the consumer market where technologies differ significantly. We know business. We mean business. We are business. Slick Systems, LLC services a wide variety of industries (verticals). We have vast experience in manufacturing, healthcare, engineering, and pro-audio. We cater to the SMB (small to medium business) market as a whole but can and do easily service large business as well.

Slick Systems, LLC has recently embarked on an aggressive regional growth strategy and is looking for the right candidate to grow with us. A successful candidate will have the opportunity to take this position into a fulltime employment position and to grow into the Director of Sales for Slick Systems, LLC.

About the Job
We are currently seeking a talented, self-starter for an Account Executive role in account management sales focusing on Manufacturing, Healthcare, Engineering, and Pro-Audio. Emphasis will be given to the SMB (small to medium business) market as a whole but can encompass large business enterprises as well. This position will be an integral part in growing our successful 9-year old company.

What Slick Systems, LLC Can Offer:
Competitive commission-based compensation, with successful candidates transitioning into full-time
employment with base salary, commission, bonus plan and benefits. ·Opportunities for development and
career advancement at Slick Systems, LLC are based on merit, not tenure.


  • Develop, implement, and execute a quarterly and annual sales plan within our geographic region that includes quota and market share growth
  • Achieve quarterly and annual sales targets by effectively prospecting, qualifying, and closing opportunities within assigned region
  • Establish and maintain relationships with all key individuals within each opportunity
  • Perform sales presentations and product demonstrations
  • Coordinate local marketing activities with company marketing campaigns and initiatives
  • Maintain high level of product and competitive knowledge
  • Report progress on regular basis


  • College Diploma/University Degree Preferred
  • Minimum 1 year sales experience. Field experience preferred
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong problem solving, organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in the technology industry preferred
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work in a fast paced and constantly changing environment
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel & PowerPoint


  • Contract-to-Permanent Commission-based (1099). You have to first prove you can keep pace with your mutually-agreed goals.
  • Permanent is base (commensurate with experience and/or ability) plus commission and bonus structure.

Next Steps:
Reply now with your resume and anything you want us to know about you. No calls. No Recruiters. No Soliciting.

Contact us

Slick Cyber Systems Updates

Slick Cyber Systems has been in business since 2002 providing quality sales, service, and support to businesses of all sizes. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau, the White Haven Chamber of Commerce, Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, Wilkes Barre Chamber of Commerce, and Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

Jim Slick, the president and chief executive officer, has been in the industry, professionally, since 1987. In his career, Jim has built many data centers ranging in size from single small-business servers to massive 300+ server fully clustered environments with real-time replication and disaster recovery. Jim’s educational background covers an Electrical Engineering degree as well as a BS degree in Business Administration and an MBA. He has also graduated from the Disney Institute in Florida, has earned his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer status, as well as many other certifications in the industry. He is involved in Masonic Lodge as well as serving on church council and other charitable organizations. Jim has donated computers and service to local charity as well in an effort to give something back to his community.

Slick Cyber Systems passion is customer satisfaction. Knowing it will be done right the first time. It gives any business owner or executive piece of mind knowing their businesses’ information technology is in the hands of IT professionals, not geeks. We don’t dilute ourselves in the consumer market where technologies differ significantly. We know business. We mean business. We are business.

Tune in here for important Industry Updates.

Eagle IT

The Eagle IT Suite of products from Slick Systems, LLC

Welcome to a new level of products and services.



EagleWing® is one of the most comprehensive suites of hosted messaging services available today. Why pay for the entire server and all of its headaches when you can simply pay for the mailboxes you need. We also take care of the backups! EagleWing® consists of:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
    • Have real time access to the most robust, comprehensive messaging platform on the planet via Outlook, Entourage, or Outlook Web Access (OWA).
    • We support real time messaging to iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android (DROID), and just about every type of mobile device you can think of.
    • Tired of SPAM cluttering your mailbox? Ours comes with world class anti-spam protection.
  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint
    • Don’t have an intranet today? If you want to take collaboration to a completely new level, SharePoint is the way to go. It allows your users to collaborate and share documents anytime, anywhere, via a web browser, in a completely secure environment. And of course, it hooks directly into Exchange for a comprehensive messaging experience.
  • Hosted Basic Mail
    • Do you have users that simply don’t need all of the features of Exchange? We also offer a basic mail package that integrates into your domain name at a lower price point. You can access it via the first class webmail interface or use IMAP or POP3 on a client that supports it, including iPhone or DROID.



EagleWatch® is a real-time, hosted monitoring service for your network. It will monitor servers and the applications on it, desktop computers, printers, and network devices like switches, routers, and firewalls. It can also monitor uninterruptable power supply systems and the server room temperature! Be alerted real time via e-mail or text message. We monitor the reports daily to ensure everything is running smooth and can take care of most problems before they even happen with our EagleOne® experts. That all equates to uptime for your business, which means money in your pocket. An ounce of prevention…well, you know the rest.



EagleNest® is our world-class offsite backup product. We backup your systems to our class 3 data center (military grade) over your existing internet connection. Then we replicated that data to another site that is geographically diverse just as added protection! We offer 3 levels of storage; on-line (which you can access at any time), BLM (a near-line method), and archive (data you don’t really need to get to quickly). Setting it up is easy; we analyze your network, give you reports on what size and type of data you have, even data duplication (multiple copies of the same data stored on your servers) and then create a strategic plan for your backups so you have the most efficient and safe backup available for your company data. And because it is offsite, it also serves as your disaster recovery plan for data in the process! We monitor your backups daily as part of the service. Just think, no more tape drives and tapes to replace every two years when they wear out and become unreliable. That alone is worth the cost savings. Our competitor’s products simply don’t offer the level or protection, level of compression, and data security that our systems do. Get the peace of mind you and your business deserves, sign up for EagleNest® today! And if you really want complete disaster recovery protection, we can offer cold, warm, or hot sites for your data center all over the nation.


EagleOne® is Slick Systems™ world class support infrastructure. It consists of:

  • Outsourcing: Outsource some or all of your IT service needs to us. Let our experts handle your day to day or project based needs. Do it right the first time and use Slick Systems™ EagleOne®.
  • Consulting: Need help with your next IT project? Whether its designing and building an entire data center or a single Small Business Server, we can help you do it right the first time and save you precious time and money.
  • Helpdesk: We offer a complimentary help desk when you use EagleOne®. You may submit tickets online or via e-mail. You can also view the status of those tickets online so you know exactly where your projects or issues are at in our queue.
  • Service: All of the computers in the world would do you no good if you had no one that knew how to fix them properly. We are certified specialists and are considered the best of the best at what we do. We resolve issues quickly and efficiently and treat your systems like they were our own. Don’t trust your systems to geeks, get the real industry pro’s at Slick Systems™!



EagleCare™ is a suite of services and software provided by Slick Systems, LLC. We pride ourselves in best of breed products and services. What we bring to the medical community is no different than our other award winning services. Experience what trouble free software and top notch IT expertise is all about.

Slick Systems™, LLC EagleCare™ powered by ISM/OmniMD™ suite of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PMS) product and services offer unparalleled reliability, ease-of-use, efficiency, and customizability. The comprehensive feature set is customer-driven, innovative and continuously updated to keep pace with rapid changes in healthcare industry. The specialty-specific EMR covers over 30 medical specialties, and is fully customizable to suit individual needs and workflow settings. EagleCare™ powered by ISM/OmniMD™ eRx is Surescripts Gold certified.

From EMR to practice management to electronic claims, EagleCare™ powered by ISM/OmniMD™ empowers healthcare organizations to effectively address their financial, administrative, clinical, and regulatory needs. We also understand that software alone isn’t a complete solution. That’s why EagleCare™ powered by ISM/OmniMD™ offers a comprehensive set of support services such as medical billing and transcriptions as part of an integrated solution under one roof. We can offer the product in our award-winning SaaS (Software as a Service) model, where you don’t have to purchase any software or hardware and have it run completely on our servers in the cloud, or we can install it on a local server if you choose. Slick Systems, LLC takes the unknown and frustrations completely out of the picture. Prepare NOW for the 2014 mandate. Contact us today for a demonstration on how we can help and set you on the way to rediscover the privilege and joy of practicing medicine.

An EagleCare™ powered by ISM/OmniMD™ Physician is an Empowered One.