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What is computer security and why its need?

What is computer security?

Computer Security is the process of protecting computer systems and data from access from unauthorized users. These users could be from someone within your company or from others not in your company like cyberc...


Password Weakness and what to do about it?

Password Weakness For anyone that uses a computer regularly in business knows that when you turn on your computer you need to log in with a password. For years now we have become used to the need and action ...

Monitoring employees online
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Should you Monitor Employees Online?

If you are considering monitoring employees here are some tips that can make your efforts more successful. Why Would You Monitor Them? Your employees are at the heart of your business, and trusting them i...

Slick Cyber Systems Computer Services

Information Technology Service for the Wilkes Barre, PA. area

IT Managed Services for Wilkes Barre businesses. Slick Cyber Systems has pioneered IT services in the Northeast for almost 20 years, consistently delivering business value with the latest technology.Technol...

Cyber Security Northeast PA
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Cyber Attacks – Luzerne County

Luzerne County Still Recovering from Cyber Attack Cyber Attack Luzerne County The Luzerne County government recently was the victim of a Cyber Attack.   As described by county workers the ...

Slick cyber systems managed it services
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Computer Services – Wilkes Barre / Scranton

You build your business our job is taking care of your IT (Information Technology) From maintaining desktops and laptops or developing and deploying network security and data back up and recovery solutions. ...

Slick Cyber Systems IT Support
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IT Support Hazleton, PA.

Affordable Fully Managed IT Services for Businesses Slick Cyber Systems provides superior affordable fully Managed IT services for business.  Our experienced IT Consultants will design a customized IT s...

Slick Cyber System - Social Media Marketing
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Social Media Marketing & SEM

What is Social Media Marketing? “SMM” or Social Media Marketing, is a method of marketing on social media sites like Twitter, Face Book, Instagram or other social media websites. These ads are...

Best laptop for small business
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What is the best laptop for small business?

Choosing a New Laptop Deciding on what you need in a new laptop is in no way an easy task. As the designs keep getting better. This is certain to make the process a bit confusing. The designs just keep ge...