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A/V & Security Cameras

Audio/Video Solutions

Slick Cyber Systems, and its sister company Slick Audio, can provide any audio/video solutions that your business may need.

Video walls which are high-quality commercial and professional grade digital video solutions are ideal for the use in digital signage or informational video applications.

Video distribution for one room or all your rooms with high-definition content of your choice.  This could be watching 4K movies or streaming high-resolution, all with a single remote for an unrivaled home theater experience. 

Audio systems for businesses (Pagers, Public Address, Audio Over Ethernet, etc..). If your business needs paging for public address, music for a store or office environment.  The ability to have class rooms, conference rooms, huddle rooms, or virtual training we have the tech and experience to develop a solution to meet all your needs. 

Please give us a call and we’ll find the right solution for you.

Security Camera Systems

Slick Cyber Systems also does video surveillance systems. We offer systems from several quality manufacturers, which are all professional grade brand-names that use quality camera technology that can see images and color even in the dark without the need for IR (infrared) emitters!  This amazing technology all runs over CAT6 cable back to a DVR/NRV that has built in PoE Ethernet ports to power the cameras and makes setup a breeze. You can then access the DVR/NVR over the network for unparalleled accessibility to your security cameras! Call us today for a quote!

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Slick Cyber Systems knows business computer & networking security is essential to protecting your company from viruses, spyware, hackers, and other threats.