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BYOD advantages and disadvantages

BYOD, or bring your own device is a term often used when referring to IT (Information Technology). This is a policy where employees are allowed to bring a personally owned mobile device(s). Such as (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices) and connect them to the corporate network. To access privileged or private company information or applications.

Why should I care about BYOD in business?

Now you know what BYOD is, now why should I care?  Well, the alarming truth is that BYOD has made very significant inroads into business corporate networks. 

An example of a bad BYOD policy is when personal phone number(s) are intermingled with business phone numbers.  When a salesperson is allowed to use a personal mobile phone number to receive customers’ calls. What if that employee quits or gets fired?

Your customers will continue to call this former employee, who may have gone to work for your competition. Do you think this would cause loss of revenue and loss of customers? Yes, it would.

A more troublesome and issue arises with the loss or theft of a mobile device that contains sensitive personal, financial, information.  This information can then fall into the wrong hands where the information can be used for nefarious purposes.

What is the company policy on BYOD?

A challenging but important task for companies who decide to utilize BYOD. Is to develop a policy that defines exactly what sensitive company information needs. To be protected and which employee(s) should have access to this information.  In addition, the company then must educate all employees on these policies and the risks of BYOD to ensure the proper security of data.

How to Control BYOD?

Slick Cyber Systems recommends that each company should implement a BYOD policy. Then train and advise all staff on the possible implications of BYOD when accessing the business’s network.

For help with determining your companies BYOD policy please contact Slick Cyber Systems at (570) 371-5800 or visiting us at for more information.