Cloud Black Outs
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Cloud blackouts cost business millions

Cloud blackouts can cause business serious financial issues.

Recently some major cloud applications and data storage providers suffered blackouts, or “Cloud Blackouts”. Meaning downtimes that disrupted or crippled operations for their customers.

Just these past few days and weeks some major cloud suppliers, like Apple’s iCloud suffered major blackouts affecting as many as 3 million users.  Separate Cloud outages also brought a number of websites down, including such high-profile services as Foursquare, Reddit, and Quora.

Don’t be fooled this is an isolated occurrence as Cloud giant Amazon also had blackouts causing a loss estimated to be $4.2 million dollars.* (reported by The Puget Sound Business Journal).

Q.   Can your business lose this kind of revenue? 

A.   In business today, no one can lose revenue due to downtime.

Q.  Can your business stand to be down for one hour, a day, or a week without your data? 

A.   Most businesses could not be more than a few minutes without access to data or efficiencies would be compromised.

When cloud-enabling data, knowing who is storing, protecting, or providing support when you have problems accessing “YOUR companies” data should be more important than how much it costs to store this data.  Too frequently businesses turn to free consumer products that are not designed to back up, version data, or even offer support if you’re having problems accessing your data.

Taking an unnecessary risk of exposing your business to loss of information and revenue should be your primary concern.  Slick Cyber Systems can provide your business with powerful tools, support, and products to ensure your data is stored and accessible via the cloud while minimizing risk.

Slick Box Cloud File Sharing

SlickBox, which is a cloud-enabled file sharing service from Slick Cyber Systems, allows users to access files when on a computer via mapping a drive, through a web browser, mobile phone, and/or tablet.  Which offers the features you are looking for with added security and superior management tools. For more information about Slick Box click here or call (570) 371-5800.