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Cloud Services

Services CloudThe Cloud.  There’s no doubt you’ve heard that Cloud Computing is the next ‘big thing’ in IT services.  You can hear terms like Infrastructure as a Service or (IaaS)Platform as a Service (PaaS) or a more common term Software as a Service (SaaS).  How do you know if it is right for your business?  Let Slick Cyber Systems clear things up by explaining, in a meaningful and understandable way, what cloud solutions, if any, make sense for your business.

Could you imagine if your PC and all of your company’s mobile devices wherein sync—all the time?  Then imagine being able to access all of your files, data, or any other relevant information at any given moment anywhere.  What if you had the ability to organize and mine data from any online source?  Finally just imagine being able to share that data whether it’s photos, videos, contacts, e-mail, calendar, documents, with your co-workers, clients, and vendors in an instant. This is just a sample of what cloud computing can deliver.   Slick Cyber Systems understands how to design and integrate your existing systems with the cloud providing a “Custom Cloud Solution” that makes sense for your business. Enter our EagleIT Suite of services.

Below is a few of our core services that we offer which can be incorporated into your system using state of the are “Cloud-Based Services” which can save time, increase productivity, and lower costs.

Cloud File Sharing – SlickBox

SlickBox is our cloud-enabled file storage, backup, and management application.  With SlickBox, you can share files with people in your own company, team, or even outside recipients.  We can even cloud-enable a file server for users on the go.
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Cloud Backup – EagleNest

EagleNest® is our world-class offsite backup product. We backup your systems to our class 3 data center (military grade) over your existing internet connection.
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Hosted E-Mail – EagleWing

EagleWing® is one of the most comprehensive suites of hosted messaging services available today. Why pay for the entire server and all of its headaches when you can simply pay for the mailboxes you need. We also take care of the backups!
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MSP, HelpDesk, & Monitoring – EagleWatch

EagleWatch® is a real-time, hosted monitoring service and HelpDesk. It will monitor servers and the applications on it, desktop computers, printers, and network devices like switches, routers, and firewalls.
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VoIP – Hosted PBX Phone Systems

Need A phone systems that’s affordable, flexible and still powerful?  Slick Cyber Systems has phone solutions that can power a small office, virtual work force across the globe or even a large facility.  No office is too big or small.  

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Please be assured that Slick Cyber Systems understands that no one single product or approach is ideal for every business.  That is why we recommend that you contact us via the form below so that we may conduct a Free Business Consultation to ensure that all your questions are answered and a custom solution is created to address all your needs and concerns.

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