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Installation & Maintenance

Computer Systems

Slick Cyber Systems can install and maintain any type of server or desktop/notebook. This includes maintenance or rollouts (new). We can accommodate anything from one computer to thousands, be it servers or workstations. Let our tried and true method safely put you in the driver’s seat to success.



We sell, install, and maintain Dell, Cisco, HP, and many other networking devices and services. Be it LAN, WAN, VPN, or anything you can imagine, we will design, install, and maintain what you need for your business. Try Slick Cyber Systems remote monitoring that can scale from one server to every computer in your enterprise. Put us to work for you and know what it’s like to experience near 100% uptime.


Identity theft happens once every 3.2 seconds. Security breaches in networking happen once every 1.6 seconds. These are staggering facts that put every one of us at some sort of risk, whether it’s losing your business to losing your life savings. We sell, install, and maintain UTM appliances from SonicWALL, Cisco firewalls, Checkpoint, and many other brands of security software and appliances. From server and desktop antivirus and anti-spam solutions to email security and Intrusion Detection Systems, we know security inside and out.

Most companies don’t think about Social Engineering, which is a growing problem in industries such as healthcare, where HIPAA guidelines are stringent. This can include the sharing of passwords (it is more common than you may think, especially between friends that are co-workers) to not locking your computer when leaving your workstation. Don’t be left vulnerable, let us help you set company policies that will keep you in the clear.


Domain Setup and Web Design

Internet advertising is the number one method of advertising today. If you want to exist in business, you must have a web site and advertise it. You need to look the part … the best at what you do. Let us handle the entire process of creating a domain name, creating your own custom e-mail addresses, and having your web site hosted. Give your company the look of professionalism.

We partner with many of the largest hosting companies like GoDaddy.com and 1and1.com to provide you with the most reliable sites possible. We can design a basic site for you at very little cost or if you are looking for a more elaborate site, we partner with several outside developers to get you exactly what you need and want at a cost you can afford. After all, you can’t afford not to.


Pro Audio Systems Consulting

Let us design and build a top notch recording studio that will fit your budget! Today’s modern studio’s are all computer based. Most audio companies got into IT because they had to. IT is what we have always done and we have been in the Pro Audio business for over 30 years as well. This technology is new to them, but routine for us. We helped pioneer the industry as it exists today.


Business / Home Automation

Home Automation is a much misused term. Smart Building Automation is what it should be called. As IT started making its way into Pro Audio and other esoteric industries, so did it in the home and business as far as smart buildings are concerned. We sell, install, and maintain systems by HAI, Simply Automated, and GE including UPB and X10. Control your entire business or house remotely from a phone or the web (lighting, HVAC, etc)! Imagine having your building call you if something is wrong, like a fire, burglar, or even freeze alarm (a must have for seasonal homes) or a high-temperature alert for a data center. These systems save you money over time my monitoring lighting, HVAC, and more.

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Slick Cyber Systems knows business computer & networking security is essential to protecting your company from viruses, spyware, hackers, and other threats.