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Does A Business Need A Website?

First let’s start by saying if you’re a business owner who is interested in building your business or developing your companies image, then you need a website.  Why would you not want to control how your business is presented to your customer base?  So we would say to every business owner, Yes you should have a website.

10 Reasons why you should have a business website.

  1. Many consumers won’t even consider doing business with a company that doesn’t have a website.  On average in 2018 5.9 hours are being spent online each day.
  2. The ease of setting up a business website or web store is less difficult than ever before. You don’t need to know how to code a website.
  3. The costs are much lower than at any time in the past for having a website.
  4. Your website can be available when your not, like late nights, or holidays.  Talking about the goods and services you offer to customers looking for you.
  5. Publicity, you can talk about issues important to you and your industry.  Showing the public that you are an expert in your field, and have the solutions to their problems.
  6. Clients expect to be able to find you online.  As technology becomes more intertwined into our daily lives through mobile phones and other technologies customers expect to be able to search for goods and services immediately.  If you’re not on the first page or two of the search results.  You can guarantee that your competitors are and they are getting most of your business.
  7. Provide evidence of your expertise.  Your website is the perfect place to showcase what customers think of your products and services.  So put testimonials on your website, they lend credibility for your business.
  8. You control your story.  You can actively decide to control the story or perception of how the public thinks about your business.  Through information like posts, videos, articles you are free to put your business’s best foot forward and tell them about all your business successes.
  9. Most all purchases start with research, and you want to have your company in front of customers. When they are looking for your goods or services when they start looking.
  10. No one uses phone books anymore.  The internet is the new phone book and if you would have placed an ad in the phone book, then why wouldn’t you put a website up to tell customers how to get a hold of you and all the things you have to offer.
  11. Larger potential customer base. With the power of the internet, you can now sell products to customers that would otherwise not be able to deal with you due to their distance from you.  Now, every store is at your fingertips.