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Computer Networking, Support for Healthcare


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Information Technology for Health Care

To often Healthcare Office Managers & Administrators struggle to secure their patient data, or electronic Protected Health Information or (ePHI).  While making it accessible to office staff and doctors on their tablets and computers.  Slick Cyber Systems IT for medicals practices understands your concerns, your struggles with technology and security, and your needs.

We have worked in the healthcare industry for many years, so we understand your medical practices and your technology needs.   We are even familiar with those not regulated by HIPAA. 

“We know Technology for Medical Offices”

So what makes Slick Cyber System different?  At Slick Cyber Systems we take a different approach we ensure that the doctors are able to remain productive, which is the most important thing in the daily operation of a practice. We ensure that they can see more patients per hour and not have to stay an hour late because their technology wasn’t working. We monitor your systems to proactively ensure you are operational.  In fact we fix most issues that arise without affecting the doctors’ work.    We help remove these burdens and the stress from office managers and practice managers so they can run the office much smoother.

For years we have helped doctor’s offices, and other medical practices both large and small, realize cost savings, and proper security (for HIPAA).  We can even help institute Medical Records Management, a mandate that hit the industry in 2014. We offer a wide array of services that cater to your industry and understand how they impact patients and ultimately your bottom line.   Need More Information?

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Slick Cyber Systems knows business computer & networking security is essential to protecting your company from viruses, spyware, hackers, and other threats.