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Computer IT Business Services

Slick Cyber Systems services a wide variety of Computer IT Business Services for a wide variety of industries (verticals). We have vast experience in manufacturing, healthcare, engineering, and pro-audio. We cater to the SMB (small to medium business) market as a whole but can and do easily service large business as well. Give us a call today and let us help you realize cost savings and quality IT outsourcing, service, sales, and support.


Manufacturing is an industry (or vertical) that we understand inside and out. Most of our larger clients are manufacturing facilities.
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Healthcare is nothing new to our offerings. For years we have helped doctor’s offices, both large and small, realize cost savings, proper security (for HIPAA) and help institute Medical Records Management, a mandate that hit the industry in 2014.
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From CAD/CAM systems to document management, we understand and offer what is needed in your industry. Whether you are a large Engineering firm or a small group working within a manufacturing facility, we speak your language.
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Pro Audio

The Pro Audio industry has been around for years. Your favorite music (and music for movies) was all created in a recording studio. With the advent of DAW’s (digital audio workstations), the industry has shifted from dedicated tape decks to computers.
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Small-Medium Business

We have businesses that are very small (two and three users) right through a medium (several hundred users) and help them realize cost savings every year.
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Slick Cyber Systems knows business computer & networking security is essential to protecting your company from viruses, spyware, hackers, and other threats.