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Are Cloud Sharing Services Safe for Businesses?

Who is Slick Cyber Systems? We are a managed services provider for Information Technology and Cloud Services for business. With customers worldwide, and are often asked about cloud sharing and the implications of using them. The technology has powerful possibilities especially when implicated correctly for your companies needs. There are however still issues all business owners should be aware of.   So we built a list of concerns.

Public Cloud – Is it Safe?

In a recent poll, about half of IT professionals polled think public cloud sharing services are one of the biggest security risks companies face today. The IT leaders that were surveyed said popular cloud sharing services like Dropbox, Google Docs and Box just are not suitable for business uses. This conclusion was from a study by global software company Axway and the Ponemon Institute, an independent research firm.

Many of these polled IT professionals expressed concerns. The worry was concerning their inability to know if sensitive or confidential data was lost or stolen due to a data breach in a “public cloud”. Of the roughly 80 percent that voiced concerns, they feel the bigger concern is the possible loss of intellectual property.

Other Security Concerns

“In recent years, employees have been increasingly adopting public cloud tools — such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Docs— to exchange and share documents and company information in the workplace,” said Dave Butcher, senior director of product portfolio management at Axway. “These tools provide great user experience, but there are serious question marks about their enterprise-class security credentials, illustrated by the fact that many financial and healthcare organizations block their use.”

Risks of File-Sharing Technology

  • Exposing Sensitive information – Its always possible that data stored on public file sharing technology can be exposed. You wouldn’t want medical, personal, or financial information exposed to the public or hackers.
  • Possibility of Cyber Attack – Public file sharing applications might allow cybercriminals a way of getting your network by using open network ports file share ports use.
  • DoSA or Denial of Service Attacks – Compromised file sharing applications can be used to download hundreds or thousands of large files. Thereby slowing down or crashing your network or limiting your access to the internet.
  • Legal Issues – File sharing applications could have anything on them. Pirated software, Pornography, Personal Data, or Unprotected customer data. Your company could face serious legal issues.

Are your employees using file-sharing?

Many businesses are not aware if their company employees are using file-sharing technology. Which apps are being used, what is being stored on them, or even how to access these applications since they were created outside of the direction of the IT dept.

Provide proper solutions

But what if Cloud File Sharing is needed for your business? Then review if there is a need for such an application and provide the best solution. Not sure what that is? Slick Cyber Systems can provide suggestions that are secure and designed for business use.

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