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Is your company at risk? Not sure, find out here.

Is your company at risk?  (You might be surprise what you find)

9 out of 10 computer networks that we analyze will have potentially serious problems sitting undetected – leading to a risk of unauthorized access, interruption of business, and other costly technical problems.

As a leading provider of IT services, Slick Cyber Systems would like to meet with your team and provide you with a no-obligation assessment of your network. This will enable us to provide you with recommendations on problems to fix – how to get more from your existing technology – how to get increased mobility – how to better lock-down your sensitive information – and much more.

Our unique discovery process has many benefits, including:

  • No software installed, so none will know — including your current IT provider — unless you want them to.
  • No agents or probes living on your network for days, weeks, or longer
  • An average, mid-sized network is scanned quickly – taking right around 30 minutes in total


 What we uncover…


–   Servers, Workstations, Printers, and non-AD devices  (like switches/routers/printers)

–   Old Computers which are still joined to the domain and have not been removed

Software –   Systems with missing Patches / Service Packs / Security Updates-   Local accounts (per-system) with weak/insecure passwords-   Systems with missing Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, or firewall misconfiguration
Configuration –   Security policy inconsistency across network servers/computers-   Outbound system access that should be blocked-   Lack of Content Filtering (Social Media, Entertainment, Pornography, Illegal Downloads)
Accessibility –   Misconfiguration of user access to Network Shares-   Which users have Mailbox Delegate Access (send on behalf of, access other mailbox)-   Membership to Email Distribution Groups
Security Risks –   Old user accounts which still have access and have not been properly disabled-   Internal systems with open ports that pose a potential security risk-   External issues which put your network at risk of business disruption or data loss

What you get: Client Risk Report

This 4-8 Page Executive Summary will provide you with an overview of the devices on the network along with a network Risk Score and analysis of each potential issue. We will be prepared to review this document with you, discuss in detail the findings, answer your questions and provide specific recommendations.

Next Steps

There’s absolutely no obligation to retain us – but we know that if we find a serious problem hiding on your network, you’ll want to take prompt action to correct it, and you might just need our help! If so, we’ll provide you with a quote to remedy the situation.Call 1-888-850-8882 or visit us online at www.slickcybersystems.com


Slick Cyber Systems has been in business since 2002 providing quality sales, service, and support to businesses of all sizes. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau, the White Haven Chamber of Commerce, Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, Wilkes Barre Chamber of Commerce, and Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

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