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Protect Your Business From Being The Next Victim Of Cyber Crime

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An alarming trend of high profile security breaches seems to be happening almost daily. So what should you do? Well if you are the Owner, CEO or Executive of a business, you need to pay attention to this trend. You can’t just sit back and hope that your business won’t be the next victim.

Everyone was made aware of Target’s highly public security breach last year, and more recently Home Depot; along with grocery chain SuperValu, and health care provider Community Health Systems.  These organizations have all reported data breaches that affected millions of customers and patients. Jim Slick, CEO of Slick Cyber Systems, an IT Managed Service Provider and security professional, said: “It is crucial that business strengthen efforts to thwart cybercriminals from making your business their next victim.”

Slick said that for small to medium businesses the key is to build your security as an ongoing process, not just a singular event. This process is best when it consists of several layers of security:

1. Be sure to perform ongoing penetration tests to secure the operating system of external-facing servers.
2. Slick said the often hackers try to exploit software and application weakness. These exploits allow the hackers the ability to escalate privileges, access security pages ultimately compromising servers.
3. Every business should install security software that monitors web traffic by detecting unusual behavior. Using this can provide useful insight to get advanced warning of any potential attack.
4. Install adaptive authentication technologies, which are usually integrated into an application’s login page, to add an additional layer of security to an application. Slick went on to say that these adaptive authentication technologies monitor and authenticate online activities in real time by correlating behavioral analysis, profiling devices and data feeds from fraud networks.
5. An equally important piece is to block malicious applications, by utilizing application firewalls in front of all external facing web servers.

Call Slick Cyber Systems today at (570) 371-5800 if you’d like to take the first steps in securing your customer data.

Slick Cyber Systems has been in business since 2002 providing quality sales, service, and support to businesses of all sizes. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau, the White Haven Chamber of Commerce, Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, Wilkes Barre Chamber of Commerce, and Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

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