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Spam: How to Deal with it.

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Spam how to decrease or eliminate it.

Protecting your computer and your sanity from Spam is actually important.  We all know spam is annoying, how is clogs your inbox, not to mention it can contain links malicious software, viruses, or other questionable content.

Protecting your email

  • Protect your email address at all cost, so don’t share it everywhere.
  • Spammers (harvest) or automatically collect email addresses from the internet.  This happens when you list your email on a website, add comments to a post or even register a domain.
  • Whenever possible Avoid giving out your email address whenever possible.
  • When you do give out your email address look for the opt out option or check box that you agree to receive more information.  If you don’t then uncheck the box.
  • Delete suspicious emails without opening or replying to them.  Dealing with Spam and Suspicious Email
  • If the email seems legitimate you can call the business or organization sending you emails and request them to remove you from further emails.
  • Keep personal email and business email separate if possible.  
  • If you have a website consider adding a contact form to the website so you don’t have to list your email.
  • Use SPAM filtering services a trusted IT professional can advise you on the best for your needs.

Email: Is it Spam or Legitimate?

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