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Compliance Audits – Does Your Business Need One?

Compliance Audit

Does Your Business Need a Compliance Audit?   Something every business owner needs to know.  Is your business is compliant with current laws and regulations for your industry? If you don’t know schedule one today.   What is a compliance

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Cloud – first stragety | Up In Smoke?

Cloud Service - Up in smoke?

Cloud First – Up in Smoke Businesses the past few years have been moving more and more to the cloud for much of their infrastructure by moving workloads and apps (applications) to the cloud.  However, that’s not necessarily the right or

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Slick Cyber Systems Business Networking Information Technology Blog


Slick Cyber Systems Blog

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What is a data breach?

Risky security practices in your business.

What is a data breach? So what is a data breach?  Simply put, a data breach is when an individual’s name plus a Social Security number, driver’s license number, medical record or financial record (credit/debit cards included) is exposed because of a

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Why register your domain for multiple years? Well, because…

Search Engine Optimization On almost a daily basis we are asked how can we increase the effectiveness of our website, and what can we do to drive SEO or (search engine optimization)? So what’s the secret you ask? Social Media

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Shadow IT, is Undermining Your Security.

Hacker Screen

Shadow IT, is a Security Nightmare. (What is it and why should you be concerned?) Not so long ago, the IT admin chose exactly what hardware and software would be used by employees.  However recent trends like the consumerization of

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