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What Cyber Security does your business need?

Securing Business Computers

IT security

Jim from Slick Cyber Systems reviews what many in business don’t even consider, which is security for your business.  If you own a store you lock the door at night.  You even protect your cash with registers, security cameras and a safe.  Yet so many businesses miss or ignore the fact that they need to secure their computer network.

As a business owner, you might not be aware of your state and federal government regulations.  Which require that if you have any customer information, or accept credit cards.   You MUST have a UTM or Unified Threat Management device.   This is not just a firewall, this is a device designed to stop intrusion by hackers, criminals.   Anyone that tries to gain access to your businesses network containing sensitive or private customer data.   A home firewall is NOT a UTM (Jim stresses) so don’t use one it will not protect you from the bad guys trying to steal your data.

Jim even went on to ask.  “Did you know if you don’t have a UTM that you could be fined or even jailed.   Not to mention the legal issues you open your self to.   If your business network gets breached and you did not have a proper security appliance in place to protect your business info?”

Cyber Criminals Attack Small Businesses

So many have a false sense of security thinking that your business is to small.   No criminal or hacker would want to try to attack me when there are so many other bigger businesses out there.

Well, think again, just like the constant barrage of phone calls and email you receive daily trying to sell you something or scam you into giving up personal information.  Cyber criminals are out there trying to access your network and your customer’s data 24 x 7 so make sure that you protect your network.

Things to remember the FBI to Small Business: Cyber-criminals Seeking to Exploit Your Vulnerabilities.

Rounding all this out Jim said you don’t need to be an expert but just like when you go to the doctor, or lawyer to seek advice about a problem.  Take the following advice, know if your business is properly protected before your business is the next one affected by a cyber attack.  Leaving you in any number of potential legal issues with customers, or the government.

More Questions?

Slick Cyber Systems is here to provide you some answers to the questions you have about securing your business’s computer network.  Call 570-371-5800 for more information or go to Slick Cyber Systems