What is Cyber Security
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What is Computer Security?

Computer Security is the process of protecting computer systems and data from access from unauthorized users. These users could be from someone within your company or from others not in your company like cybercriminals, hackers, or others looking to steal your data, customer information, or proprietary data.

Preventing Cyber Crime & Cyber Security

Using proper computer security techniques also helps with cybersecurity by ensuring users, former employees, and cybercriminals.  Are kept out of computer systems and data they do not need to access. Such as customer credit card information or employee social security numbers. This person could cause the business all sorts of issues. Ranging from loss of revenue, lawsuits, and even penalties from the government.

Knowing if your business has the proper computer security is important.

No business wants to be put into a dangerous scenario of having poor cybersecurity. So knowing if your business has the proper computer security is important in place should be something you review on a routine basis.

What is security penetration testing?

Security Penetration Testing is a process where computer security experts like Slick Cyber Systems. Can check your computer network for gaps, or weaknesses in security. Slick Cyber Systems then provides recommendations or services to ensure your business is protected from computer threats, viruses, malware, or issues with businesses.

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