Multi Year Domain Registration
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Why register your domain for multiple years?

Well, because…

There are several reasons why you should register a domain for multiple years. All of which are important and can help your business, in the long run. Below are a few example of reasons why when registering a domain you should choose to register it for a few years at a time.

Search Engine Optimization

On almost a daily basis we are asked how can we increase the effectiveness of our website, and what can we do to drive SEO or (search engine optimization)? So what’s the secret you ask?

Social Media Strategy

Well, some answers are complex and some are actually quite simple. This is why you need the help of IT professionals like Slick Cyber Systems to help keep your company on track and to help drive sales through social media strategies.

Multiple Years Registration

One of the biggest tips we can share that is simple. When choosing to register your website domain or a name like (one of our domains). You should choose to register your domain for multiple years. So why you ask if there’s merit behind investing in a long-term registration.?  Well basically when search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing scan your website, they actually look at how long the site has been registered in order to help determine its legitimacy. The more legitimate of your site, the better chance you have of ranking higher in search results, and the more potential clients you’ll attract. You do the math.


This one should be obvious, but many registrars or domain registration services like GoDaddy, can and do offer discounts on domains when registering them for multiple years.

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