Are you confused by information technology, computer systems, and the terms the tech guys use to describe things? Don’t worry not we created a list of some of the most used and misunderstood Basic IT Security Terms your IT dept or vendor may be using.


Software that is created for the purpose of accessing a network or destroying the data stored on that network, is called malware.


This is a subset or subcategory of malware.  There has been a rise in the popularity of this type of malware that is designed to encrypt or lock your data.  The data is held hostage or for ransom, until you pay to have it released or unencrypted.

Social Engineering

Did you know that most cybersecurity attacks are a form of social engineering?  But what is Social Engineering?   It is the act of tricking someone into giving up guarded or valuable information like passwords or other data the attacker then uses to access your data.   


This is the act of creating emails, websites, even applications designed to impersonate trusted businesses or websites.  These imposters try to get you to provide them with sensitive data they can then exploit.


This is a critical component of computer security. Antivirus software helps protect and scan computer hardware for malicious software called viruses that can infect a computer network. 


Software developers find or discover issues, bugs, or vulnerabilities in their software.  They release updates to resolve issues or tighten security.  These updates are referred to as a patch.

Zero-day Attack

When cybercriminals use new or undiscovered methods like a new form of malware.   To exploit holes or vulnerabilities in software before the issue is discovered or can be addressed.  This type of cyberattack is referred to as a Zero-day Attack.

Intrusion Protection System or “IPS”

When protecting from malware, viruses, and other security issues.  Specialized devices like firewalls or other hardware called IPS.  The IPS devices look at your entire network for suspicious or malicious activity and stop it from taking advantage of potential vulnerabilities.

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