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Outsourced IT SERVICES for small and mid-sized businesses

We provide outsourced IT SERVICES for small and mid-sized businesses

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Managed IT Services

Slick Cyber Systems can almost guarantee we will save you money while providing you with a service that is unmatched. Just imagine not having to deal with sick days, vacation pay, employees with no customer service skills (geeks), etc. With Slick Cyber Systems outsourced helpdesk, you will ‘feel’ like you have a dedicated IT staff at your fingertip when they are needed to help resolve your IT concerns simply by making a phone call or sending an email.

We also proactively monitor your computer network, to ensure everything is working properly before a problem ever occurs. We have the ability to remotely control systems and take care of just about any issue within hours or even minutes. Often, we can spot a problem before it causes outages or disruptions to workflow or customer interactions.

Backup and Recovery

Protecting your critical data has never been easier. Our automated cloud backup and recovery services will boost your productivity and reduce your time spent managing data loss.

Most businesses collect, retain, and transmit data on a daily basis that is critical to the success of their organization. The threat of data theft, natural disasters, and hardware failures can result in a hard hit to a business’s bottom line, costing days of downtime, thousands of dollars, and irreversible damage to a business’s reputation.


Slick Cyber Systems offers a range of cybersecurity, computer security, and IT security products for the protection of computer systems from theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.

We have expertise in SonicWall, Cisco, Checkpoint, Barracuda, Webroot, and many more. We can provide Firewall and Security solutions for anyone, ranging from simple firewalls to advanced Unified Threat Management devices, e-mail anti-spam, antivirus, anti-malware, etc. Keep your business safe and secure with our expertise and service.

IT Support

Slick Cyber Systems offers Support and complete solutions for all of your computing needs. From Virus Removal to custom systems and networking, we do it all.

• Virus Removal
• Computer Repair
• Computer Sales
• Help Desk / PC Help Services
• Backup & Recovery
• Email & Messaging
• Cloud Services
• Networking
• & More

IT Consultancy

Over 30 years of renowned industry experience, Slick Cyber Systems is the source for honest and reliable Enterprise and Small Business IT design and consulting

Cloud Computing

There’s no doubt you’ve heard that Cloud Computing is the next ‘big thing’ in IT services. You can hear terms like Infrastructure as a Service or (IaaS). Platform as a Service (PaaS) or a more common term Software as a Service (SaaS). How do you know if it is right for your business? Let Slick Cyber Systems clear things up by explaining, in a meaningful and understandable way, what cloud solutions, if any, make sense for your business