Web Marketing

What is Web Marketing

We will provide honest, smart strategies to increase your search engine traffic, generate leads which in turn will drive more qualified customers to your business.

Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization “SEO”

Keyword Research

All effective search engine optimization campaigns start with keyword research. Slick Cyber Systems will discover the most relevant target keywords that YOUR CUSTOMERS search for when trying to find your products or services.

Local Optimization

With frequent updates to Google’s local algorithm, local optimization is becoming increasingly important. Whether it’s creating new local listings or developing a custom geo-targeted landing page, Slick Cyber Systems has you covered.

Landing Page Creation

Targeted landing pages are a key component of any digital marketing campaign. Slick Cyber Systems develops custom landing pages that provide a unique experience to the viewer and help drive them to a conversion.

On-Page SEO


We optimize your content pages for the target keywords we find to be the most cost-effective for your business. This includes updating META data, adjusting URL’s, adding image ALT tags, and more!

Site Speed

Studies show that users often abandon websites if they take longer than three seconds to load. With our site speed optimization, your site will load fast for your customers on both mobile & desktop.

Product Optimization


Do you sell products directly from your website? Using industry best SEO practices, Slick Cyber Systems will optimize your product description and catalog pages to improve your organic ranking for product-based searches.



We integrate all our optimization campaigns with Google Analytics to track results. We set up goals and event tracking based on your campaign objectives, and use the in-depth data reporting to analyze user behavior on the site.

Keyword Monitoring


Slick Cyber Systems utilizes keyword monitoring tools that allow us to constantly be aware of where you rank for the targeted key phrases. We want to keep our customers as up-to-date as possible on the progress we are making.

What do we do?

We help clients increase their organic search traffic only using best practice techniques to drive qualified prospects to you. Essentially, we put your business in front of your most ideal customer allowing you to get more calls, give more quotes and ultimately win more customers.

How is this done?

We work with you to turn your website into a powerful tool and a resource for your industry that converts more prospects into paying clients and customers because it takes more than just traffic to convert visitors to paying customers, so we can customize a solution to fit the needs of your company.

Slick Cyber Systems Process

We utilize a team of internet marketing artists, leveraging their experience, and talent to deliver marketing services to make sure you, the client, have the best chance to reach and even exceed your goals. It’s no surprise to hear that online marketing is constantly changing. and your choice of internet marketing and advertising is an important one.  Our experts work on advancing your website traffic to follow the newest developments and to provide you with the most up-to-the-minute advice and strategy.


At Slick Cyber Systems, we pride ourselves on first-class customer service and interaction. We are available to address your questions and needs regarding our SEO service and other related aspects quickly. We believe that quality search engine marketing and advertising services, come with collaboration and an understanding of your company’s needs. An open line of communication makes you successful, so know we are here for you.


Our team custom designs a program to meet your business’s individual needs. We then use a suite of tools and techniques to help set your business apart from other companies in your industry, which helps push up your results on search engines.


At Slick Cyber Systems, you will have an understanding of every step of our process and receive regularly updated reports.


Slick Cyber Systems believes so strongly in our integrity and the marketing services that we perform for our clients, we will only take on clients that we know we can help be successful.

SEO Optimization Process

Kickoff Consultation

We never pretend to know your business better than you.  So we have a kickoff meeting to hear from you about your business and your goals.

Slick Cyber Systems will take your goals and translate that into actionable plans.  Before your campaign begins, we’ll have a kickoff call between you and our team. During this call, we discuss the goals and objectives you’d like to achieve, as well as explain our processes to include the initial plan for your custom SEO strategy.

Research & Competitive Analysis

After your kickoff call, the team will begin digging in. Our process uses a variation of keyword research, google analytic data, competitive analysis, and other tools to that help us determine what improvements will be most profitable for your business.

Strategy & Development

When our research is complete, a specialized optimization strategy is created to meet the specific goals that your business needs to obtain success.  During this process, our SEO experts will ensure that our campaign plans align with your expectations and desired outcome.

Implementation & Reporting

Once your custom SEO plan is fully developed, our team gets to work by rolling out a schedule and a plan of attack.  During this work in progress, we will keep your updated on reports and feedback on how the campaign is doing.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing is a localized wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a specific location.   This allows businesses or organizations to broadcast offers over the web geographically.

For example:  “Ray’s Pizza” wants a way to compete with the larger chain pizzerias in his local area.   But he doesn’t have the staff or the infrastructure to run large marketing campaigns to drive business.

Ray has a great delivery special for his lunchtime delivery to all the businesses in the area, with several drivers delivering orders all afternoon.  But he knows that he could get even more lunch specials out but how?   What else could he do to get more sales?

The key to Ray’s question is Proximity Marketing.  As Ray’s delivery employees drive around dropping off the lunch specials, the drivers have a device called a beacon with them.  These beacons are wireless technology devices designed to send out alerts that mobile phones, tablets, and other devices can pick up on telling of Ray’s great food and specials.   So as Ray’s delivery staff drives down the streets or when they get out of the vehicle to deliver food.   The beacons wirelessly transmit information such as the lunch specials to all the devices in the area allowing Ray to get even more calls and orders.

OK, so that’s great when you deliver pizza, but you run a hair salon or other boutique that customers walk by every day but don’t seem to stop long enough to come in and look at your store.

Proximity Advertising can help here too.  For this example, let’s say “Beth” is a busy Mom of two young children and a full-time job as a salesperson.  She’s always on the go.  Beth is the ideal customer for Anglea’s Boutique, which sells designer handbags, and it just so happens that Beth is looking to replace her worn-out handbag.   Beth has been looking for a designer bag that Anglea’s boutique carries but she’s never been to Angela’s.  As Beth goes about her busy day going from client to client she walks past Anglea’s boutique.  Beth to busy to notice the store keeps going by unaware that the designer bag she was looking for online is on sale right now at Angela’s Boutique.  With Proximity Advertising, Angela’s Boutique sets their beacons to tell broadcast the sale to everyone who’s passing by.   Beth receives the alert and stops at the boutique to check out the sale on the handbags which she loves and decides to buy.

Angela’s Boutique makes the sale of an item Beth would have likely have purchased online from a big website.  But now the local store Angela’ Boutique just captured the sale the big internet store would have gotten.

Proximity Advertising is leveling the field allowing local businesses to compete with larger companies or internet websites that for years had been eating into the profits of the local stores and shops.


But what if a big retailer moved into your area and now your small business is struggling to get the attention of prospective customers?  You guessed it; Proximity Marketing to the rescue.  As customers check out your store proximity sensors can identify customers that were in your business and send offers directly to what was window shopper when they go to the location of your competition.  You heard that right, using Proximity Marketing and Geofencing.  You can establish marketing designed to alert potential customers of a special offer if when they go shopping at your competition’s location.   How about that for beating the competition to the sale?

These are just a few examples of real-world uses for  Proximity Marketing and how they can enhance your interaction with potential customers and drive sales.  Still got questions Slick Cyber Systems can help provide solutions for Proximity Advertising Solutions.