What is an RMM Agent?

Remote Monitoring Management or (RMM) is a management platform designed to help managed IT service providers (MSPs) remotely monitor and proactively work with client networks.   Allowing remote IT providers like Slick Cyber Systems, the ability to find, test, and fix issues on client’s computers.

A very small piece of software called an agent is installed on the computers, servers, and other devices on the computer network. The “agent” sends information about the health of the machine to the MSP monitoring the network.  The agent allows the MSP to ensure the device is up to date with security patches and stay aware of any issues that could affect the operation of the computer.

Why use an RMM:

  • The ability to securely gather information about the network, such as hardware configuration, and software installed on the network.
  • The agent helps create alerts when problems arise and create “tickets” to track each issue as it happens.
  • Visibility and insight into the health of the network and each device.
  • Remote access to networks to resolve issues more quickly for clients.

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