Cloud Black Outs
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Cloud blackouts cost business millions

Cloud blackouts can cause business serious financial issues. Recently some major cloud applications and data storage providers suffered blackouts, or “Cloud Blackouts”. Meaning downtimes that d...

Cloud Sharing
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What is the Best Cloud Storage for Business?

Slick Cyber Systems a managed services provider for I.T. Servicing customers worldwide we are often asked about cloud sharing and the implications of using them.  So we review some concerns shared by ma...

Data Backup
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Why Backup to the Cloud?

Data Is the Business With the ever-growing complexity and volume of corporate information that is created every day, corporations face the cold hard truth; without your data, you have no business … data Is...

IT cloud services
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The Benefits of Cloud-First Strategy –

Cloud First – Bad Choice Businesses in the past few years have been moving more and more to the cloud.  Many businesses move infrastructure workloads and apps (applications) to the cloud.  However, that’s not n...