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Cyber Attacks – Luzerne County

Luzerne County Still Recovering from Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack Luzerne County

The Luzerne County government recently was the victim of a Cyber Attack.   As described by county workers the Cyber Attack affected their collective ability to work.  To do daily functions that are required to run the different departments of the county.   Some users were forced to go back to paper and files to do their jobs.

Jim reviews some of the details and how businesses and organizations should be taking Cyber Attacks to be serious.  Small businesses or even county governments like the county of Luzerne can be affected with dramatic and even catastrophic outcomes.  Most companies could not survive weeks without access to the information that they use to run their business.

Dealing with Cyber Attacks

Jim went on to provide suggestions and recommendations from training and simple questioning of one action.  Like should I open this email and it’s attachment, is it safe?  Contacting those who send you information, ensuring that they actually did send that email?   Why using UTM’s Unified Threat Management devices or Firewalls are a necessity today in business.  How layering security with Anti-Malware, the Anti-Virus software even email scanning can help provide multiple checks on the data touching your network and computers that have access to them.

Free Network Security Assessment

The biggest take away is that reviewing your IT Network with a Network Assessment is vitally important to understand where holes, weaknesses are and how they should be dealt with to ensure your business or organization is not the next victim of Cyber Attacks.  Call Slick Cyber Systems today 570-371-5800 to schedule a Free Network Assesment today.