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Google+ Shutting Down |Security Concerns

Google+ Shutting Down

Amidst a reported massive data breach, Google announced today that it’s shutting its social media network Google+ down.  (The Wall Street Journal was the first to report the story.) Google+ is the search giant’s struggling social media platform that never received the adoption of users like other platforms.  After the revelation that a massive security breach exposed the personal information of users.  Google decided not to continue Google+ for consumers.  Instead, they intend on keeping Google+ for Enterprise customers.  Believing that companies invested in the Gooogle platform will continue to use Google+ as an internal tool.  Planning new products focused on Enterprise users.

Google Data Breach

What’s the most disturbing information regarding the Google+ shut down?   This would have to be that Google has known about this data breach for some time, and failed to report it to users.  Some reports claim that Google has known about this breach for several months.  But instead of reporting the data breach to users and fixing the problem affecting Google+.  Google decided it was better to shut down the failing platform instead of getting the bad press.

More Security

After Google’s announcement Monday, it becomes even more clear that the security of your network and data.  Can not be something of an afterthought.  Because as you can see such a breach could potentially spell the end of a company.   Time will tell if Google’s new direction turning Google+ into an Enterprise only solution will work or not.  

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