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Ransomware -What You Need To Know

How do I get Ransomware

How is Ransomware delivered? Good Question, often the victim receives a targeted spam email. The email appears to be from a co-worker, friends, or family members. The email has an attachment that is a .docx or Word attachment. When the user clicks on the attachment it starts the process. For more information regarding the way Ransomware can affect your computer please see Malwarebytes blog article.

Recently we got a call from a business who was affected by Ransomware. A user with the business reported that received an email from a supervisor, with an attached invoice. When they opened the invoice it started the process of allowing the Malware to make changes on the PC to encrypt the files and spread across the network to other PCs and the server. Luckily this client was spared having to pay the ransom because Slick Cyber Systems, had configured a backup and disaster recovery solution to ensure the data was recoverable.

How can I protect from Ransomware

So you ask what you can do to protect yourself. Well, some of the same things we tell our clients all the time. First, don’t open suspicious emails. When you even have a little doubt. Call the person sending the email and ask if they sent a link, document or another potentially malicious email. If they did not, immediately delete the email.

Ransomware – Other Precautions

So what else can you do? Ensure that your computer(s) and network are fully protected. With appropriate anti-malware, antivirus software that constantly scanning for these problems. Malware-bytes is one of the key components that we use to protect PC’s and networks, they are soon to release a piece of software designed to deal with the threat of Ransomware and stop Ransomware from affecting your PC and the user community. Be sure your network has state of the art protection to deal with the ever-evolving threats cyber criminals are putting out there. Slick Cyber Systems is an authorized re-seller and partner for Malware-bytes call 570-371-5800 for more information or go to our website at