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10 Most Common Technology Problems in a Business

Slick Cyber Systems- 10 Most Common Technology Problems

During talks with executives and business owners alike about their IT issues, some common themes emerge as the 10 most common IT problems facing small business.

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Compliance Audits – Does Your Business Need One?

Compliance Audit

Does Your Business Need a Compliance Audit?   Something every business owner needs to know.  Is your business is compliant with current laws and regulations for your industry? If you don’t know schedule one today.   What is a compliance

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Cloud – first stragety | Up In Smoke?

Cloud Service - Up in smoke?

Cloud First – Up in Smoke Businesses the past few years have been moving more and more to the cloud for much of their infrastructure by moving workloads and apps (applications) to the cloud.  However, that’s not necessarily the right or

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Slick Cyber Systems Business Networking Information Technology Blog


Slick Cyber Systems Blog

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Have you Planned for Disaster?


Have you Planned for Disaster, are you Ready? Better question is your business ready?  Does your business have  Disaster Continuity Planning, hopeful we can convince you that it is something you need to do if you don’t have it yet. 

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10 Reasons Why Small Business Needs & Wants Managed Services.


  10 Reasons Why. When thinking about your business and how important technology is to your business.  It’s worth considering why using Managed Services makes so much sense.  So here is a list of 10 Reasons Why you should be

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When Your Computer Goes Bad


  When Your Computer Goes Bad Something as computer users we all know and often dread is keeping our computers patched and updated.  We all can agree that when these patches and updates are applied and done well we often don’t

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Is your Company Computer Network at risk?-Not sure, find out here.


Do you know the risk to your computer network?  You might be surprised at what you find.   Network Security, Malware, Spyware, Computer Viruses, Crypto Lockers are just a few of the issues that could affect your business’s computer network. Did

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Alert “Locky” Cute New Ransomware, that’s NOT SO CUTE.

  Another new ransomware has been detected, and though its name is cute, this is no joke. The not so fun part of this new ransomware will encrypt almost every commonly used file type, and targets not only your pc

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What is a data breach?

Risky security practices in your business.

What is a data breach? Simply put, a data breach is when an individual’s name plus a Social Security number, driver’s license number, medical record or financial record (credit/debit cards included) is exposed because of a hacker. This exposure can occur either

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