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NEPA – Computer Consulting

Computer Consulting

Why Hire A Computer Consultant Slick Cyber Systems with over 30+ year IT (Information Technology) expertise applications, and computer consulting.    We specialize in industries like Manufacturing, Medical, Corporate, Business to Business services.  Our focus is on improving systems, automating processes,

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Compliance Audits – Does Your Business Need One?

Compliance Audit

Does Your Business Need a Compliance Audit?   Something every business owner needs to know.  Is your business is compliant with current laws and regulations for your industry? If you don’t know schedule one today.   What is a compliance

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Cloud – first stragety | Up In Smoke?

Cloud Service - Up in smoke?

Cloud First – Up in Smoke Businesses the past few years have been moving more and more to the cloud for much of their infrastructure by moving workloads and apps (applications) to the cloud.  However, that’s not necessarily the right or

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Slick Cyber Systems Business Networking Information Technology Blog


Slick Cyber Systems Blog

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Locky Ransomware -What You Need To Know

Locky Virus

Ransomware -What You Need To Know We are compiling a new post regarding details of a VERY NASTY little piece of Malware / Virus / Ransomware called Locky Ransomware. We first alerted everyone of this malicious program on March 11,

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Alert “Locky” Cute New Ransomware, that’s NOT SO CUTE.

  Another new ransomware has been detected, and though its name is cute, this is no joke. The not so fun part of this new ransomware will encrypt almost every commonly used file type, and targets not only your pc

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Come on, Outsource your I.T. It’s a ‘NO BRAINER’.


Why your business should be working with Outsourced IT services. You may have heard that outsourcing might be a way to help your business cut costs by focusing on those things you do best and “outsourcing” non-core functions … you’re

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You may view data security as a top priority, however your employees don’t.

A new study conducted by the Absolute Software Corporation recently revealed that many employees take a relaxed attitude toward ensuring the mobile devices they use for work are secure, despite the negative consequences that come when the data on them

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BYOD… What Is It And Why Should I Care?

So what is shadow IT?

BYOD, or bring your own device is a term often used when referring to IT (Information Technology) policy where employees are allowed to bring personally owned mobile device(s) such as (mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other devices) and connect them to the corporate

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Shadow IT, is Undermining Your Security.

Hacker Screen

Shadow IT, is a Security Nightmare. (What is it and why should you be concerned?) Not so long ago, the IT admin chose exactly what hardware and software would be used by employees.  However recent trends like the consumerization of

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