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The Benefits of Cloud-First Strategy –

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Cloud First – Bad Choice

Businesses in the past few years have been moving more and more to the cloud.  Many businesses move infrastructure workloads and apps (applications) to the cloud.  However, that’s not necessarily the right or best approach for every company.   “We see that this move toward everything cloud has begun to go Up in Smoke.”  Says, Jim Slick of Slick Cyber Systems, an MSP and value-added IT provider in White Haven PA.    “I was always kind of confused why I would get requests to move everything to the cloud.  You take a great deal of risk moving all your data to an environment that your company does not have any control over.”

Strategic Approach

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“What makes the most sense would be to take a strategic approach to shift some apps, work processes, and technology to the cloud.  While keeping other pieces on-premise.  As IT processes and software change how we do business the technology should be helping reduce costs and keep you focused, nimble able to move faster doing much more with less.”

“Too often businesses that moved to a cloud-only solution several years ago thinking that they would end all functions of IT processes internally and get rid of the technology headaches they perceived.    They found that the headaches they mentioned like cost or lack of technical expertise to run the systems internally.  Were only transformed into all new headaches and concerns.  Like the ever-growing cost of external hosting apps and the slow speed of accessing these applications.   Which also then often requires the need to increase bandwidth to accommodate the amount of traffic required to run critical business applications.”

Regret moving to Cloud Only


“Since last year we have seen an increase in the number of businesses have been contacting us with serious concern.   Even regret moving to a cloud-first or cloud-only solution for their business.  Prompting these businesses to move in mass to more on-premise solutions.  Vowing to never do cloud ever again.

“While cloud looks as if this would fix to the pains that businesses of all sizes had.  We predicted that this exodus would be a short-lived one.   We, however, believe that a blended approach makes the most sense for most businesses.  If a process can be moved safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively to the cloud, then move it.   Safety of your data, your customers, and the operation of your business being the most important.”

“We recommend that businesses engage providers of IT services like Slick Cyber Systems to help evaluate needs, risk, costs, and best options for them and the operation of their business.”

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