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Why should I update my computer?

Are Windows Updates Necessary?

Something as computer users we all know and often dread is keeping our computers patched and updated.  We all can agree that when these patches and updates are applied and done well we often don’t even know that something has been changed (which is most of the time). We continue on our daily duties none the wiser that a very important patch has been applied to the computer keeping your computer safe and the important data out of the hands of those who would use it for their own purposes.

Why is it important to update your computer?

Then one day seemingly out of the blue you come to work or pop your PC open. Unaware that a new patch/update was applied and your friend (your PC) for the last few years who brought you email, instant messages, funny videos during lunch.  Has turned into a piece of tech nightmare more seemingly possessed by the devil himself. You attempt the usual fixes.  Log out, then log back in.  With a bit of panic or bewilderment, you think I’ll just reboot the PC, that will fix it. (thinking aloud) I mean every time I do that it normally fixes the issue I am having.   Well, not today!   So why is it important to update your computer? The Answer : The critical equipment that normally gives you the ability to do you work, send out reports and various other money-making activities has now decided to error out repeatedly, lock up, keep popping strange errors or worse.  (I’ll let each of you ponder that quietly).

Are Windows 10 updates really necessary?

We get it we have all been there.  Some programmer made a huge unintended error when writing the latest update.  Now you have to stumble around trying a bunch of work around to send out that all important report that it is not sent out before noon means the worlds going to end right?  So what do you do?  Answer: You apply the updates unless your IT staff has advised you not to. There are all sorts of reasons why you may not want to like legacy software not working with updates. But whether or not you apply the updates should be up to your IT staff. Discuss concerns or problems you might be experiencing and allow your IT staff to either provide work around or agree to disregard the updates.

How often should I update my computer?

Well, it depends on the circumstances of your network, the nature of your job and the business need.  You certainly do not stop updating your pc out of fear that you won’t be able to work, because you got a big meeting coming up.  You follow the direction of your I.T. staff, who are going to tell you patches are necessary (unless told otherwise) Just like it’s your responsibility in your job to discuss your customer ’s needs, sell new products, crunch numbers, or do critical HR duties.  You need to follow the direction of your I.T. staff they are your computer mechanics and security guards of your network.  

So be certain to follow the protocols and direction the IT dept layout as this will definitely minimize these issues and if one does pop up, they can quickly eliminate the error for you.

Do you need IT help? – Call Now

However, should you need assistance that is beyond you or your I.T. staff’s ability?  Be sure to refer these issues to a qualified I.T. specialist and I.T. managed service provider like Slick Cyber Systems for more help to resolve, problems and augment your I.T. staffing needs. or call (570) 371-5800