Today we are discussing something that is important to any organization or business today. Online Reputation Management and how it applies to Social Media Management. This especially holds true for anyone who hopes to do business online, interact with, or build business awareness with an audience online.

Beware the Trolls

Online you should beware of simple mistakes that could negatively impact your business and its online reputation. The first of which is Beware the Trolls.

The term for many should bring thoughts of little monsters that live under bridges, or that do evil things. This is not far from the truth here either, but the term Troll is used to describe someone who comments negatively on a blog or social media post you made for your business.

Remember someone will always have something negative to say especially if you have a business or brand that is doing well.

So we are giving you some advice on how best to perform some Social Media Management. Which is nothing more than reviewing the content you post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube (to name a few)? Then answering questions the viewers had, helping them with issues, and how to interact in a positive way with anyone who might want your products or services.

Trolls enjoy making trouble

Trolls enjoy controversy, (Trolls enjoy making trouble) so do not allow them to lure you into a fight over a recent post, video, or picture you shared. They are hoping to get you to fight with them and your business’s social media pages are no place for this to happen. Honestly let the little monsters alone interacting with them will not make them stop or go away. Often it just makes it worse. So just ignore them they hate that or turn off commenting on your post, video, or content.

Customer Service when being Trolled

If there is a true customer support issue or concern. Deal with it like you would any normal way. Offer to call them directly, email them and go about resolving an issue they must ensure that you continue to show your business as a professional company that is the best at what you do, and you take concerns seriously. But Do Not allow the negative comments to get you down or worse make you react or fight the person “Trolling” you online. Into acting or saying anything that would damage your company or your professional image.

Just remember you are using social media as a tool to find new customers, interact with existing customers, and give your company direct exposure to your core customer base. If you wouldn’t talk to a customer on the phone or in-person negatively then don’t do it online.

How to Avoid Negative Brand Comment

While a negative comment about your brand may upset you, don’t let your emotions get the better of you and post something you’ll later regret. Instead, calm down, compose yourself, and follow the suggestions provided.

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