Does technology make us angry?

Some people call it computer rage. It goes without saying that technology is important in our everyday lives. Want proof? Think about the last time you left your home and forgot your mobile phone. A few people out there would be happy, but most would feel a bit lost. Not hearing it ring, buzz, or update notifications of some sort. Along with endlessly checking email, or social media has become a requirement to keep up to date on the condition of our lives, the world, and our customer experiences with our goods and services. We have become so dependent on technology that when it doesn’t work, our frustration or anger toward technology can just make us monsters.


But, is technology making us angry?


For some, the answer should be obvious that the answer to this question is YES! There are multiple factors that can cause you to become a little bit more frustrated or angry with technology. Did you know that more than 80% of Americans report frustration, stress, or anger from technology?


Tech Expense


First, there are the costs. Many people like to think that they can run all of their technology needs from free services like Gmail, Facebook, Google, or other free services and have a great business. But the reality is a bit more difficult pill to swallow when you realize that real tech solutions that are needed to run a business have costs associated with them. Like upfront equipment costs, monthly fees, maintenance agreements, or a regular need to update and modernize and what can be only explained as happening at dizzying speeds. Be sure to consult with an IT consultant to better plan for those needs.




Let’s face it technology changes, and as it does you will need to be trained on the newest technology. Training and retraining take time, and resources that can sometimes be limited. Investing money into training employees and not to mention the time away from actually doing the work that earns you money can be difficult to prioritize. So you need to make sure you get the right technology for your business’s needs prior to spending. So be sure to work with a business technology consultant like Slick Cyber Systems that can help shorten that learning curve.


Hacking & Data Loss


Hacking is now a modern part of life, it’s unfortunate but this is not something that is going away anytime soon. All too frequently you see news reports of a company or organization that has had a data breach due to a hacker. And the tragedy of the lost or stolen data from these attacks is a serious cause for concern. Be sure to know your risks and keep your systems as secure as possible to ensure little or no downtime from hackers.


Tech can be disruptive


Tech evolves quickly and it does not have any favorites. You might be ahead of the curve technology related to your competition. That can change quickly. So keep the new tech in mind as it evolves, because it can spread rapidly. Giving your competition a big advantage you which your business might not recover from.


Don’t let technology issues make you grumpy.


Slick Cyber Systems can provide all the tools, and technology your business needs. Such as computers, software, and personalized business support for the tech you need to operate a business efficiently.


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