Keeping a business profitable can be tough work.  You know how much you pay in rent, payroll, energy, travel, and a ton of other expenses.  But did you know that something as simple as your printing expenses can end up costing you a considerable amount of your annual budget?  


What do I do to reduce printing costs?


Don’t worry we have taken the time to help you save some money on printing and copying expenses. With a common sense list of recommendations on the Ways to reduce printing and copying costs”.


Ditch the old printers


Yes, you heard me right replace the old printers.  Equipment that is 5 to 7 years old needs to go.  But why do you ask if they are still working?  First, they are likely no longer under warranty.  This means fixing them can be difficult if not impossible, not to mention the costs associated with those repairs. 


Newer printers are covered under warranty programs, and extended warranty programs to ensure you get the most out of your new printer investments.


New printers in addition to warranty coverage and power efficiency often have multi-function capability which can increase your staff’s efficiency and productivity and helps pay off your new investment faster.


Only buy printing supplies when you need them.


Are you saying I shouldn’t take advantage of a great buy or sale on the supplies I need? No, that’s not what we are saying at all. You might be tempted to buy a mountain of toner, cartridges, ink, or even paper.  Just don’t start stockpiling supplies it is unnecessary. Having too many supplies on hand ties up working capital.


Instead, order supplies as they are needed. (Did you know that some printers can even automatically order supplies as they are needed?) If the thought of allowing a printer/copier to order its own supplies makes you nervous. Then let a trusted member of your staff order them.


Assign a Printer Manager because it never hurts to assign ordering and inventory duties to someone in the company to proactively replace supplies while ensuring no extras are being ordered.


Think of a military quartermaster that keeps a watchful eye on the supplies. (Without the overpriced hammers or toilet seats we all have heard about).


Create document workflows


Create guidelines and processes for reports and administrative duties with the intended purpose of minimizing the need for document printing.  Use digital documents or automated forms to minimize the need for printing.


Remember, without proper guidance employees often tend to print out an unnecessary amount of documents.  Ensure your process reduces the redundant amount of printed, abandoned stacks of paper documents around the office. 


Printing too many files, reports, documents, and even email chains causes a waste of supplies and money. Not to mention the potential for security or privacy issues that go with a stack of sensitive documents everywhere.


How to go paperless at work.


Whenever possible opt for paperless document solutions that reduce the amount of paper consumption. Think of green solutions for businesses that can be effective methods to save money.


Under certain situations, the option of a true Paperless office may not be possible in every department.  But where ever possible embrace the paperless office as a method to save money.


Review and Reduce IT support calls for printing issues.


This piece goes hand in hand with the paperless office.  Reducing the amount of time your employees and the IT staff spend on printer issues saves you money, and increases efficiency. 


Instead, use your IT Dept staff to help identify workflows and empower users with ways to avoid productivity-killing tasks that involve printing issues such as too much paper slowing efficient workflows.


An extra tip would be when possible seek recommendations from document management and printing expertise consultants like Slick Cyber Systems to help you design workflows and document management solutions to save money on your company printing budget. 


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