Are Cloud file-sharing programs safe?


Did you know, increasingly remote workforces are accessing their files via networked drives? As well as a wide array of cloud storage solutions; many of which they deployed themselves outside the purview of the IT department. This phenomenon may or may not be creating problems for your clients now, but, eventually, it will cause data loss, theft of intellectual property, or worse. But don’t despair, this doesn’t mean that the technology is bad or all wrong for your company. The eight questions below are designed to help you determine if cloud file storage is right for you.



Here are 8 questions to help you find out: Is cloud file sharing right for you?


  1. Do you have employees accessing files remotely or when they travel?
  2. Would field or sales staff benefit from a cloud-enabled file server?
  3. If you could give secure links to files to third parties, would that help?
  4. Is Outlook commonly used as a filing cabinet, creating both storage and version control problems?
  5. Regarding version control and misplaced or deleted files; would multiple revisions available in that cloud platform help?
  6. Do you have a staff that reviews or presents files on tablets?
  7. Are you concerned with confidential data being shared by terminated staff?
  8. Do you run into security compliance issues?


*If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need help managing your file-sharing needs.


And the ultimate question is, ‘If I could provide a technology that could alleviate or eliminate these problems, would you be interested in that?’


Slick Cyber Systems offers a technology solution that solves these problems, SlickBox. Built for ease of use and ultimate security, SlickBox is simple, secure, and supports a hybrid network-enabled/cloud environment. Unlike other file sync and share (FSS) solutions, like Dropbox or Box, it is DoD, HIPAA, and SarbOx compliant and works with your current file server.


Call us today at 570-215-8888 to get signed up. Or visit us online at Slick Box by Slick Cyber Systems


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