Which Social Media is Best for Business?


In this post, we hope to provide some outlining of the value of social media to those who just don’t see how it can help their business. We all know a few people that this post may find helpful in changing the mind of those so confused by social media and how to use it for marketing.


The year is halfway through and more changes have come to Social Media and how it can supercharge your marketing efforts. It’s perhaps never more necessary to use Social Media to reach those customers who will benefit from your products and services. There are still some people out there who’re still on the fence about Social Media’s value. Hopefully, we can help them.


Why Use Social Media for Business? 


If you’re reading this, I’ll take a wild guess that we can describe you as one of these two types, or maybe you fall somewhere in between:
You’re frustrated that the boss doesn’t see how valuable Social Media can be for business. Or do you think Social Media is a waste of time


While this post is for every person on that spectrum, I feel the need to outline some ideas we discussed in Social Media marketing. You can also buy Instagram followers to gain more traction for your business, but that’s a topic for another post.


Those who are stuck because their manager or owner needs coaxing to see how amazing Social Media is at building lasting relationships and generating leads.


How Businesses use Social Media for Marketing.


The first shows them how to move forward with Social Media. Prepare to speak about how it makes good business sense to use this method of marketing.
1. Social Media is not just for cat pictures and videos. It’s hard work and takes great strategic planning and effort. Don’t make it look easier than it really is. It is also important to get GeoTag to optimize the photos.
2. Word of mouth is the most effective and least costly way to market anything, so amplify your happy, loyal customer’s voice. Happy customers drive customer satisfaction, which leads to 2 things: word of mouth and loyalty. YouTube also follows a similar technique, but by using the number of views. Hence, many social media famous personalities buy and make use of views from TheMarketingheaven.com, to give their videos a push.
3. Determine what value is for them and help them understand how this will help them. Say something like you may remember what it was like before cell phones. These devices were revolutionary, but they’re commonplace now. Just like TV, radio, and even newspapers were relevant in their time. Today, the customer is online and we need to be online. This is where social media can help. 
4. Good business decisions are based on getting the best solution for the least cost. Many have said that the ROI on Social Media is a myth. Unlike other forms of media and advertising, Social Media is the most measurable media there is, especially if you’re comparing it to traditional mass media. Before you start, set objectives and be sure to tie the measurement back to your objectives.  More views of a new product or service the company just released.


Your Second Approach is Emotional


1. Say, “You’re right” when they object. Make it easier for them if need be for them to swallow their pride.  
2. Explain to them this isn’t for everyone, but you know very well it can work for some. Then appeal to their ego by painting a picture of how good they’ll look to the customers and the industry by being the best or cornering the market you are in.
3. They may be averse to taking a risk in order to sell more cars, houses, or whatever widgets you make sell or service. Just outline how the risk will pay off.
4. Demonstrate how content has on prospective buyers (especially the content you publish yourself) remember you are the expert in your field so speak to potential clients from that position of authority. Prospects are more likely to buy from brands they know, like, and trust. Social Media allows you to build your brand’s image, and story, by providing information (especially stuff they didn’t know they didn’t know) that drives up your credibility and brand recognition.


In Conclusion


Be sure to add some Social proof to rise above the noise. Be certain to show how consumers behave when they see their friends’ liking something or sharing their positive experiences. You’ve never been able to listen to what customers are saying… until now.


Every business must market where their customer spends their time., and where is today’s customer. So Online in social media. So get online where they are and interact with them where they spend time. We can help you develop a strategy to win more traffic, more calls, and more business using social media. 

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