IT services are a set of tools and resources that support business IT infrastructure. We designed them to assist in the management, development, and maintenance of business computer systems. They provide analytics, data protection, and recovery, cybersecurity, cloud computing management, business continuity planning & more.

How Do IT Services Work?

We classify IT Services into three categories:

Professional Services: IT professional services is a very broad category that covers the provision of specialized technology-related services to companies, allowing customers to focus on core business concerns.

Consulting Services: this can be very helpful in an in-depth analysis of your company’s IT needs and how to improve performance. The data from these consultations are used to gain a better understanding of what the organization needs in order to succeed with its digital transformation, improving the company’s efficiency. Determining the best equipment, and software for your business.

Managed Services: this is a popular form of IT support for many small businesses. These services typically include proactive monitoring and maintenance, priority support, and user and system management. Some managed services also include disaster recovery, backup, antivirus protection, network management, and more.

How to Choose an IT Service Provider That Fits Your Needs

There are many factors to consider when choosing an IT service provider. The first thing to understand is what type of business you are in, and what your needs are for the services you need from your IT company. Businesses in a retail setting will have different needs than a business that is focused on manufacturing.

For example, retailers need to have their own data center and support staff in place so that they can operate around the clock, while manufacturers may not need as much infrastructure. A company that has a large network of stores needs IT support from an array of IT professionals.
What to consider when choosing an IT provider?

  • Experience – (Slick Cyber Systems has over 30 years of IT experience).
  • What’s needed? Is it just for web hosting or do you need help with managing your data?
  • Do you have any specific technical needs? Will the vendor be able to meet your needs?
  • What is the budget for this project?  
  • Do they offer a proactive approach?
  • Strong Reputation?
  • How soon does the project need to be implemented?


Conclusion: The Importance of Using a Professional IT Service Provider

When you look at the solutions that we offer, it is easy to see why many people trust us with their network security. Slick Cyber Systems has been providing businesses with network security & IT solutions for over 30+ years. We are extremely confident in the quality of our services and the solutions that we offer.

Protect your network with Slick Cyber Systems

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