New Cybersecurity Bureau Announced.

The US State Department announced on Monday.  The launch of its new bureau to protect digital networks and oversee risks from technology. The Bureau of Cybersecurity Coordinator will oversee cybersecurity in the federal government, including protecting government networks and developing international cyber norms with other countries.

The announcement came from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Pledged to “protect America’s digital networks from foreign adversaries” and be “the first line of defense for American citizens.” “The United States has long had a strategy in place to defend against cyber threats. In this new age, we are elevating that strategy and positioning it at the center of our defense against the cyber domain”.

The Mission of the Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy 

The Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy leads and coordinates the Department’s work on cyberspace and digital diplomacy. To encourage responsible state behavior in cyberspace and advance policies. That protects the integrity and security of the infrastructure of the Internet.  Serve U.S. interests, promote competitiveness, and uphold democratic values. The Bureau addresses the national security challenges, economic opportunities, and values considerations presented by cyberspace, digital technologies, and digital policy and promotes standards and norms that are fair, transparent, and support our values.

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