Business VOIP
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Switching to VoIP Can Save You Money.

In today’s office your constantly hearing about technologies that are popular, cheap, and effective, and Voice over IP or VoIP is one of those technologies. VoIP has the ability to cut business phone costs. ...

Multi Year Domain Registration
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Why register your domain for multiple years?

Well, because… There are several reasons why you should register a domain for multiple years. All of which are important and can help your business, in the long run. Below are a few example of reasons why...

Spyware is watching you.

I Always Feel like Somebody’s Watching Me. (Well Maybe They Are!)

Spyware Maybe Watching You Computers can be wonderful tools that allow you to interact with data in ways never thought of before.  Now couple this with the power of the internet connecting all the world...

Managed Information Technology Services

10 Reasons Why Small Business Needs & Wants Managed Services.

Managed Services Why You Need Them. When thinking about your business and how important technology is to your business.  It’s worth considering why using Managed Services makes so much sense.  So h...

Cyber Crime and Cyber Criminals
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Protect Business from Cyber Crime

An alarming trend of high profile security breaches seems to be happening almost daily. So what should you do? Well if you are the Owner, CEO or Executive of a business. Pay attention to this trend, don&#8217...

Data Backup
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Why Backup to the Cloud?

Data Is the Business With the ever-growing complexity and volume of corporate information that is created every day, corporations face the cold hard truth; without your data, you have no business … data Is...

Data Hacked
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What is a data breach?

Understanding data breach? Simply put, a data breach is when a private person or businesses secure data like bank accounts, credit card numbers or social security numbers of employees are exposed because of ...

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Ransomware -What You Need To Know

How do I get Ransomware How is Ransomware delivered? Good Question, often the victim receives a targeted spam email. The email appears to be from a co-worker, friends, or family members. The email has an a...

Risk Assessment
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Network Security Risk – Computer Risk Assessment

Do you know the risk to your computer network?  Network Security, Malware, Spyware, Computer Viruses, Crypto Lockers are just a few of the issues that could affect your business’s computer network...

cloud storage
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File Sharing is Risky Business

Cloud File Sharing Programs – Are They Safe? Did you know, increasingly remote workforces are accessing their files via networked drives? As well as a wide array of cloud storage solutions; many of w...